Staff & Contacts 

Nathan Nguyen

Nathan is a 16-year-old from Phoenix, Arizona, whose parents come from Vietnam. His parents have always been visually artistic, pursuing careers that require a keen eye and artistic taste. Nathan, however, is oriented more in the musical arts. Having first played guitar 6 years ago in middle school, his passion for music has grown and cultivated into being a part of who he is. Through Restore Arts, he hopes to help cultivate such a growth in others as well and hopefully light a passion in the eyes of people around the community. Though the arts is one side of him, the other side of him is more technical and hopes to pursue research in the future as a Biomedical and Electrical engineer, and be able to solve problems of sustainability around his community. 

Melina Reyes-Cabrera

Being a 17-year-old in Phoenix, Arizona, Melina has found ways to become involved in the arts at all points of her life. With experience in Adobe suite, a past of upcycling clothing, painting with acrylic, jewelry making, and photography, she is not afraid to take on new projects.  Her work is oftentimes direct and to the point but always includes hidden elements with a touch of simplicity. She joined Restore Arts to reach and bring together the community through an artistic lens. In the future, she hopes to create her own brand and major in biological studies to prepare for a career in the medical field.

Faith Wheelington 

Growing up in Phoenix, Faith always found ways to bury herself in the art around her. Whether it be wandering around the Art Museum or browsing old bookstores on the weekends, all forms of art captivated her especially fashion. Even as a five-year-old, her hands would pull together dresses out of scarves, table cloths, and safety pins.  In middle school she was in her first community theater play and found a passion for strutting the stage as new characters overtook her body. Ideas of make-believe jumping off of a canvass and coming to life was more than bliss to her. Now at 17 she is focusing on exploring the business side of the arts through the Restore Arts internship in hopes of making it her future career. Her ultimate goal is to own a modeling and acting agency that caters to minorities, providing more diversity to mainstream media. 

Sakina Lord 

17- year-old Bioscience Senior and native Phoenician Sakina Lord joined Restore Arts to become hands-on in the world of corporate business with the hope of learning how to enable others to create an ethical and sustainable business model while also cultivating herself as an artist. She enjoys tinkering and pulling things apart to reimagine what they could be and doodling in the margins of her notebooks. She prefers to be on the photographer’s side of the camera, churning out ‘intentional’ mistakes on canvas, and making up songs on the piano. Sakina hopes to get a higher education in engineering and global management, with the dream of enabling global entrepreneurs to begin their businesses.

Yvonne Moreira-Andrade

Yvonne Moreira-Andrade is a 17-year-old from Phoenix, Arizona and a senior at Bioscience High School. She enjoys painting with oils and acrylic, drawing, and making jewelry (earrings). She has also been playing instruments for many years, including piano and guitar and has explored the world of digital media with Adobe photoshop and Premiere Pro. She has a very heavy interest and passion for the arts and chose to work with RestoreArts to help enhance her understanding and connections in the world of art. Yvonne hopes to get higher education in marine conservation and art hoping to one day achieve a PhD in marine life/biology. 

Anaya Spears

Anaya has always been a creative thinker. Throughout her youth, she has prided herself on her multi media art skills, creative writing endeavors, and leadership roles she has possessed. She is the current president of Bioscience high school’s engineering and technology club, and has won a 1st place state  title for her middle school's MESA engineering club. Anaya has chosen the Restore Arts internship to not only see how she can build herself as a leader, but to explore and learn about the world of business. She plans on attending school in state, and majoring in a english/humanities study.   

Angel Gabriel Velasquez

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