Donate or request instruments

We accept donated musical instruments, recondition them, then place them with students and nonprofit partners throughout Arizona. Every year we enable hundreds of kids so they can experience the proven benefits of music education. 

(An average of 200 instruments placed/year)


Thanks to a grant from Verizon, we offer "Entrepreneurs" an intern program for HS seniors which personifies the principles of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, ART, and Math).  "Entrepreneurs" develop the creative talents and business acumen critical for the success of aspiring entrepreneurs and artists.   

(As of 2020, 32 interns served)

Backstage pass

We give students a chance to see what goes into a live performance by bringing them backstage to observe local performers and national touring acts. Artists with a true love for the industry look forward to talking directly with promising students.  If you are an artist, represent a band or venue that wants to help the next generation navigate the path of a professional musician, please reach out to

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art education and integrated counseling

We consult on the use of art in multiple crossover disciplines such as housing, medicine, parenting, personal growth, business coaching, and art classes for "non" artists.  Certified Lifecoachs and artists are available for consulting on the use of art, creative problem solving and innovative design for any project you may have. Contracted events and experiences teach not only interesting art skills but also provide a creative perspective, enhanced communications techniques, team building, and personal growth. 

inspiring and enabling the arts

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Restore Arts is a 501 c (3) NonProfit 

Located inside

Phoenix Center for the Arts

1202 N. 3rd Street, Phoenix, AZ  85004


In colaboration with Maricopa Co Education Program locations :

Hope College & Career Readiness 6401 S. 16th Street, Phoenix, AZ

Durango Juvenile Detention Facility 3131 W Durango St, Phoenix, AZ