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Meet pleasure

Pleasure is an artist interested in representing the value in diversity and different skin colors in his art that can be appreciated by all ages.



Pleasure and his sister co-created a coloring book that depicts black girls with different hair styles in different careers



Check out some of the Restore Arts intern's Art pieces!


Visit their Etsy Shop for  affordable, handmade jewelry


Meet NAU Sophomore:  Raquel  

Raquel is a past Restore Arts intern majoring in Marketing at NAU. She found Art to be a stress reliever and thoroughly enjoyed making jewelry through Restore Arts. One night, she taught her roommate, Jolynn Ferland, also a Sophomore at NAU, majoring in Photography and they found a common passion making art. Shortly after, they started a business. "I wanted to start an Etsy shop to share my Art at affordable prices and to encourage women and POC to pursue what they want" - Raquel.


"Flower drops"


earrings 2.PNG

"Safety gears" 


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