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Meet our Interns

Public Relations


Liz Rodriguez

Liz is a senior at Bioscience High School who has a passion for the performing arts and glass paintings. She is Vice President of the theater club at her school and enjoys doing glass paintings for her friends. She joined Restore Arts because she wanted to become more involved in the arts and the community through the lens of business. She was particularly inspired by Restore Arts' mission as she wanted to make an impact on her community and get involved in the world of the arts. Liz has a range of skills that allow her to communicate effectively and professionally.  She hopes to facilitate people's access to music and is in charge of collaborating and acting as a liaison between Restore Arts and other affiliated businesses and schools. She can assist with any questions or donations, so do not hesitate to contact her.  



Technology Oversight

Jamie Morales

Jamie, a 17-year old, from Phoenix, Arizona is currently an intern at Restore Arts as a Technology Oversight. Ever since she took her first art class and became a part of her school's band, she became more immersed in the arts. Spending a lot of her time creating digital paintings, she desires to pursue it in hopes of becoming an illustrator for novels and video game design. At the beginning of her senior year, Restore Arts grasped her attention as she discovered the connection between the arts and the development of a business. as of current, Restore Arts continues to help her better her understanding of a business in a professional environment, learning communication skills while merging them with her artistic passion.  




They can assist you today!

If you have any questions or concerns about donating or receiving a musical instrument, don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you!

Accountant/Inventory Management

Leslie Mercado

 Leslie Mercado is a 17-year old from Phoenix, Arizona, and a senior at Bioscience High School. Throughout her childhood, she enjoyed all various forms of art, particularly acrylic/oil painting, and music. In her spare time, Leslie leads arts and crafts activities for her catechism students. However, her interests in art continue to grow ceaselessly as she gains a newfound passion for creative makeup and fashion. It is through her pieces she is able to express varying sentiments. With Restore Arts, Leslie hopes to enable creative imagination within the community of Arizona whether it be done by music, literature, theatre, and painting. In the course of time, she hopes to achieve a Pre- Med major, in order to provide medical assistance to her community that has shaped who she is today.

Social Media Manager

Faith Thompson


Faith is a 17-year-old senior from Phoenix, Arizona. She decided to join Restore Arts due to her interest in jewelry making. Growing up Faith had always been infatuated with her grandma’s hobby of creating traditional Caribbean jewelry. Her grandma created various types of jewelry to represent and honor her upbringing and ancestors. Although Faith has never been to her grandma's home island, she could feel a strong connection to her roots when looking at her grandma creating such pieces. With Restore Arts Faith aims to learn about the process and techniques of making jewelry as well as clothing. While being an intern at Restore Arts Faith hopes to be able to create pieces that share the story of her culture.

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