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Meet our Interns

21st centry Art and Music teacher 

Jazmine Cordon

Jazmine Cordon is a senior at Bioscience High School. Her creative interests are music and art. She loves digital art, watercolor painting, crochet, and so much more. Her favorite instruments to play are guitar and piano. She loves to work with youth in her community and connecting through the arts is one of her passions. The inclusivity that creativity brings to STEM fields is also something that she has explored in her illustrations for the online book Ella the Electron. Jazmine has experience working on logos and selling her art. 




21st centry Music and Art teacher

Alex Saenz

Alex is a 17-year-old, from Phoenix, Arizona who is currently an intern at Restore Arts.  He has been involved with music and the arts for a very long time.  He joined Restore Arts because of his passion for music and the arts.  He still continues to grow as an artist in both music and arts.  Restore Arts has made that possible for him and continues to work toward the goal of becoming a professional musician.  Alex believes that to grow as a musician you must be able to teach your profession and with Restore Arts Alex is able to reach out to his community and grow with his fellow students.  




They can assist you today!

If you have any questions or concerns about donating or receiving a musical instrument, don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you!

21 centry Music Teacher 

Dimitri Landey 

Dimitri Landey is a high school senior at Bioscience High School working as an intern for the 2023-24 school year. He loves music and tries to spread his passion to as many as he can. His favorite instruments are guitar, piano, and drums. He understands firsthand that many don’t have access to educational resources and music, and would like to use his music knowledge to teach.

21st century Art and Music teacher

Aline Valencia Felix


Aline V. Felix is a senior at Bioscience High School. She enjoys both music and art. She plays the alto saxophone and is learning how to play guitar. She loves to draw as well, specifically cartoons, and enjoys drawing digitally, using acrylic paint, and charcoal. However, she loves to try different instruments and media whenever possible. She enjoys sharing her passion for the arts with others and being a part of the community and hopes to teach and get more experience in the arts.

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