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Our Old Instruments, New Life program is designed to not only gather, refresh, and reuse instruments you donate for education and student use, but to restore and bring arts back to the classroom.


Over the past decade, we have lost the battle regarding the value of funding arts in the schools.  Our focus has been narrow and myopic without consideration for the dramatic impact the Art disciplines have on the human mind, emotions, and creativity.

With your donations, Restore Arts has supplied students, classrooms, and schools with the instruments they need for their arts education journeys. Old Instruments New Life allows us to bring equity to arts education by placing quality instruments with students and departments that otherwise would not have access to them. At Restore Arts, we believe art is for everyone and the donation of your instruments allows us to make that a reality.


The statistics are pouring in- Arts education improves student performance. This fact heightens the need to bring the arts back to schools and Restore Arts is proud to be a part of that fight.  Visit our Facts page and read more about the dramatic positive effects the arts have on our children's minds.

Backstage class

Our Backstage Class program is created to give students an opportunity to pull back the curtain and look at the career opportunities created by Music at local venues/events.  By giving them a first hand look at the many aspects of producing a musical event, students can visualize themselves as being a part of that production even if they aren’t the artist on stage. 


Exploring the possibilities with venue management, marketing, set design, sound and lighting and a variety of other areas, students are given the opportunity to hear the stories and ask questions of the people in those careers.  In many cases, students are also given the chance to “meet and greet” with the artist and hear the stories of how Music has impacted their lives.


Through this program we coordinate, design and deliver arts-based projects that enrich the academic experience to schools and communities.  Our program harnesses the extraordinary power of the arts by assisting progressive schools with arts integration, helping students meet core goals for any grade level.

Afterschool arts

We've partnered with the Roosevelt school district to provide after-school arts education to students. Students are paired with community mentors who volunteer their time to provide instrument lessons and fine art fundamentals to the next generation of artists.  

Public schools across Arizona are struggling to provide enriching arts classes to students who need them. Our innovative solution gives students the opportunity to get familiar with the arts early to foster good academic habits throughout their education careers.

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