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Artrepreneurs are accomplished individuals both in their craft and business practice.   Our Artrepreneur Internship program allows select High School Seniors to develop both thier artistic skills and  business acumen.  32 interns have served the community and the art they produce and sell is a revenue opportunity to support college aspirations.  



The following Artpreneurs Mentors listed support us. We are grateful that they contribute a portion of their  time and/or revenue to Restore Arts. 

Lorri Acott-Fowler is a former high school art teacher and her sculptures are represented in galleries around the US. Lorri sculpts long legged figures and horses that reflect intimate and yet universal moments in our lives: a feeling, an interaction, a realization. Simplified and often without details of faces or clothing, they rely on our innate understanding of the human gesture to inform us of their meaning. 

Jake Kelly is a Fine Arts professor at Brohpy College Preparatory teaching 2D Art Advanced Photography, AP Studio Art (Photography) and is the academic advisor for the Brophy student newspaper. He earned his Bachelor of Arts from Gonzaga University where he was involved in student government and was the photo editor for the Gonzaga student newspaper. Additionally, he was a photographer for the Las Vegas Review Journal. Since graduating from Gonzaga, Mr. Kelly has worked as a social worker, strategic planner for the Arizona Department of Homeland Security, a specialist in Creative Commerical Art and special event and wedding freelance photographer. 


Jose A. Benavides   Born in Edinburg, Tejas, raised in the grape fields of California, educated as a Mechanical Engineer and Artist at Cal State Sacramento, transplanted to Arizona where an MFA in Studio Art was earned at Arizona State University.   A folk artist for over thirty years; his artistic repertoire began with surface painting and drawing and is an accomplished credentialed Award winning artist with extensive teaching experience. 

Martin Moreno was born in Michigan to Latino parents who picked vegetables and fruits for a living. He learned English, played the role of family translator, helped organize for better working conditions and struggled against the prejudice many Latino migrant families faced during the 1960s. Ultimately, art became the language he would use to speak out against injustice. Today, he’s a muralist, painter, stone carver, sculptor and teacher, directing Las Artes de Maricopa, a General Equivalency Diploma (GED) program for disadvantaged youth.


Michael Martinez is an Arizona native who began taking art seriously during his senior year of high school. Early as a self-taught tattoo artist, Michael opened Inkraft Studios at age 22 with Xavier "Mookie" Smith. Over the past 5 years, he has taken his art around the U.S. and all around the world to several different countries with artists from all walks of life. Feel free to follow my artwork on Instagram @martinezinkraft

Sarah Peters   Graduated from the prestigious liberal arts College in New York, Sarah Lawrence College.  She has been an artist and entrepreneur for over 15 years  and has the unique talent of being both wildly creative and extremely percise in her work.  That exact percision earned her a postion with a metal works company requiring NASA level certification - maintaining 99.9% or greater quality in design production.  She consults with estates to determine value of art and has a comprehensive knowledge of all forms and eras.  Her lasted passion has been in jewelry design and she enjoys salvaging unique antiquities and transforming them into wearble art.  

Adam Schultz was born in Michigan but raised in Arizona.  His bronze and stone sculptures have been placed all over America, including such noteworthy locations as Arlington National Cemetery, and in collections of people like Tommy Dorsey. Adam’s body of work ranges from miniature to monumental, and currently includes his latest collection of bronze sculptures, the Goddess Series, a celebratory expression of ‘delightfully abundant’ figurative nudes.


Xavier "Mookie" Smith is a self-taught artist born and raised in Los Angeles now pursuing an art career in Chandler, Arizona with the support from his loving wife and children along with the Inkraft Studios team. "I am very grateful to be tattooing and traveling the world over the past 5 years. Thank you to the people I have met through this amazing art form, namaste." Feel free to follow my artwork on Instagram


Joey Morales is a Phoenix native who started his art path at 10 years old with a passion in using graphite. In furthering his education at NSA (New School for the Arts), he has been led to the art of tattooing. Since Summer of 2014 he has been working out of Inkraft Studios where exploring different mediums has put his artwork in galleries around Phoenix. Feel free to follow my artwork on Instagram @joey_formiga

Steven Rollman After obtaining a degree in psychology from an agricultural school, and completing a 30 year career in aviation, Steven found he had exactly the skills required to doodle on napkins, old bills, and small pieces of paper for the amusement of anyone who happens to need someone to simply try to brighten their day. 

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