Do You have a Musical Instrument that isn't making Music?

In closets, kid’s rooms, and garages across the country, well-loved instruments have been left to gather cobwebs. Now is your chance to share the joy of music with a child by giving your instruments a new life! With Restore Arts and their “Old Instruments, New Life” program your well-loved string, brass, and woodwind instruments can find a new home with students in communities without the funds to purchase instruments. Restore Arts refurbishes and repairs used instruments and gives them a new purpose in schools with blossoming arts programs. The instruments provided through “Old Instruments, New Life” bring the opportunity to expand music education in classrooms across Arizona. As fall rapid

Restore Arts Gives Old Instruments a New Home at Kinsey Elementary School

Phoenix, AZ (August 11, 2014) – Restore Arts, a Phoenix nonprofit dedicated to bringing the inspiration, passion, and imagination of art and music back into classrooms, will be presenting string instruments to Kinsey Elementary School in Flagstaff, Arizona on August 13, 2014 at 1:00 PM. “This is a great opportunity for Restore Arts and our community partners to demonstrate that by working together we can enable and enhance music education in our classrooms,” said Herb Dougall, co-founder of Restore Arts. “A primary mission for Restore Arts is to find and place used instruments in schools that need them. The presentation at Kinsey Elementary is an inspiring step on what we hope will be a lon

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