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Is Your Trombone on a Downward Slide?

Is your trombone on a downward slide? Does your accordion need a squeeze? Is your drum set gathering dust? Maybe it’s time for Restore Arts: Arizona's donation pick up for musical instruments!

Right now, Arizona students need your no-longer-wanted musical instruments of every description. We’re also seeking sheet music and music books of all kinds - both songbooks and method guides.

Restore Arts is a non-profit organization motivated by the belief that every kid deserves a chance to enjoy the benefits of music education. Due to Arizona education funding, many kids this year will be effectively locked-out of music instruction. The purchase or rental of a band instrument is often beyond the budget of working families.

At Restore Arts, we accept donation pick up of musical instruments in almost any condition. We repair the instruments to playable condition, then distribute them to deserving students throughout the state. Last year, we placed over 100 instruments in programs in at-risk elementary, middle, and high schools throughout Arizona.

We deeply believe in the benefits of music education. Scientific studies have shown music education reduces drop-outs, increases educational attainment, and improves discipline. Kids who participate in music education score higher on standardized tests. In one 2004 study, even six-year-olds showed at 3-point increase in IQ after nine months of music education. Benefits to older students are often even greater.

Restore Arts is an established program of the Fusion Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Our partners include the Arizona Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame and the Consolari Foundation. Our headquarters is based at the Phoenix Center for the Arts. With your donation pick up of your unwanted musical instruments, you know they will go to a good home.

Please contact Restore Arts at, or call us at 480-758-8001. We will gladly arrange for a donation pick up for your musical instrument as soon as possible, and the at-risk kids in Arizona’s schools will thank you!

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