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Community Letter

To the Community...and specifically to Educators, Art-trepreneurs , Environmentalists and all that support thoughtful community practices,

We Believe:

  • Teachers need our help to achieve the near impossible list of responsibilities our well-meaning system has placed on the classroom.

  • Individuals have unique learning styles that are strengthened by exposure to arts and teaching methods that engage creativity in order to connect learning much more significantly thus providing better comprehension and retention.

  • When possible it is better for our environment and budget to reuse high quality, salvageable musical instruments rather than spend time, money, and natural resources for new products.

  • Budgets are stretched too thin but that the financial resources may be sufficient has long as we work collaboratively to achieve common goals for education and community.

  • Corporate and community partners are interested in supporting noble causes so long as the solicitors are collaborative, non-redundant and show that the support will create a self-sustaining contribution towards a community need.

We Will:

  • Energize your arts education team by providing assistance and resources.

  • Offer highly engaging education events that use arts to advance academic achievement.

  • Collaborate with credentialed organizations or create Art-trepreneurs events that dazzle and teach.

  • Find used instruments and give them new life so they may continue to bring joy to classrooms and Arizona communities.

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