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Restore Arts Launches the Honorable Ingrid S Braslow Scholarship

Phoenix, AZ - Restore Arts, an AZ nonprofit with a mission to inspire and enable the arts in the community and classroom, has launched a memorial scholarship program in memory of the Honorable Ingrid S Braslow, a Judge and musician. The scholarship is established by her three children, who wanted to pay tribute to their late mother's passion for music and lifelong learning. The scholarship will provide instruments to students who are participating in Restore Arts' newest education initiative, “Take Note: An Introduction to Music” at Percy L Julian Middle School (MS) in Phoenix, Arizona.  

The Honorable Ingrid S Braslow scholarship will cover the cost of instruments gifted to the students attending the afterschool music class for the 2023-24 school year and, if extended, will fund 15-20 instruments annually for students that may not otherwise have the opportunity to learn to play an instrument.   Take Note is made possible through the 21st Century program at PL Julian, which is provides the after school program at no charge for the students.    

"Although our mother was a pioneer in the field of law as a woman, the one thing that balanced her stressful career was her passion for playing musical instruments and performing in bands. She would be delighted to know that she will be remembered for giving back something that gave her so much pleasure and inner peace. Sharing her passion for music with students is the best way we can think of to memorialize her,” said Judge Braslow’s children Rachel, Michele and Ken. 

The creation of Take Note was inspired by music club students at the Bioscience High School in the Phoenix Union High School District as they presented their “Better World Project” idea to Mary Lynn Kelly, Founder and CEO of Restore Arts.  These high achieving academic students recognized that their understanding of complex engineering subjects and overall learning environment was enhanced with their access to music.  They felt that if their exposure to music had begun earlier than high school, their creative skills could have been improved exponentially. 

Now, this community minded group of 4 Bioscience High School seniors/Restore Arts Interns are fulfilling both their required internship and dream by assisting in the instruction for Take Note classes for the 2023-24 school year.  The program is designed to spark students' interest in music and encourage them to pursue their musical talents. 

The Hon. Ingrid S Braslow Scholarship will sponsor the gift of musical instruments, such as pianos, guitars, violins, and drums, to students who demonstrate financial need and enthusiasm for music.  The initial class was planned to welcome 10-12 music students.  Nineteen students signed up for the first class on September 15, 2023!  More are expected.   

"We are honored to launch this scholarship program in memory of Hon. Ingrid S Braslow, who wanted others to know the joy of music in their lives," said Mary Lynn Kelly. "We are grateful to her family for their generous donation and support of our mission. We hope that this scholarship inspired by their mother will provide students the opportunity to explore their musical potential and express their creativity."

Percy L Julian Middle School is a Title 1 school that serves students in grades 4-8 in Arizona’s Roosevelt School District. 


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